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Citizen Charter

Company's Service

All services related to Non-Life Insurance

Laws and Acts

Company’s Act 2063; Insurance Act 2049; Insurance Rules and Regulations 2049; and other related Laws and Acts, including rules and regulations circulars issued by Beema Samiti

Documents required to issue Insurance Policy

All Insurance Policies
Properly filled Proposal form, Photo, KYC form

Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Registration Booklet (Blue Book), renewal notice issued from previous insurance company (if any)

Marine Insurance
Letter of Credit (L/C), Invoice, Proforma Invoice

Constructor’s All Risk
Contract Document, Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Travel Medical Insurance
Copy of Passport, Citizenship

Other Insurances
As required by the company

Time taken to issue Insurance policy

3 days at most after acquisition of all the required information and documents to issue Insurance Policy

Fees to be paid by insured for Renewed or New Insurance policy

The total fee includes fees as declared in Insurance Policy/Tax Invoice, stamp fee and VAT

Renewal Notice

At the end of the one year Insurance period, the company issues Renewal Notice 4 weeks prior to the expire of Insurance

Officers to receive underwriting related complaints

At The Company's Head Office

Mr. Rabindra Dhakal (Deputy Manager)

Where to claim

Claim Department of the company’s head office or any branch offices. Or email at claim@nbinsurance.com.np

Time taken to complete claim process

Within 3 weeks after acquisition of Surveyor’s report or other related information and documents

Where to go for Share related jobs

All the jobs related to Share Registrar are done at the company’s head office

Quarterly Account Report

As supervised by Beema Samiti and Nepal Security Board, Quarterly Account Report is published on National Daily Magazine, tri-monthly

Officers to receive complaints

At The Company's Head Office

First - Mr. Sharan Regmi (Assistant General manager)
Second - Mr. Yugesh Bhakta Bade Shrestha (Chief Executive Officer)

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